Updates from the Spiritual Formation Team

Updates from the Spiritual Formation Team

The Spiritual Formation Team (SFT) exists to strengthen and mature the Body of Christ at CGS, in Durham/Chapel Hill, and around the world. We oversee multiple educational initiatives spanning the entire lifespan, including Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Adult Ministries (Men, Women, Sunday morning classes, and Seminars).

During our July meeting, we met with Amelia Cassar, our Director of Children’s Ministry. She highlighted 2 big points that we want to consider together:

  • The Children’s Ministry hopes to prayerfully receive a concise vision and philosophy from the Session within the next year. We hope that this will provide more pastoral care for parents and families who’ve historically sought help and advice from the Director of Children’s Ministry.
  • The Director of Children’s Ministry will henceforth have more regular contact with the Session, providing them with updates, prayer requests, and praises to keep them abreast of our church’s largest ministry.

In the coming months, the SFT will meet with more ministry leaders to understand how the Session can better support and care for the ministries and volunteers as well as connect them with resources and opportunities.

The current members of the SFT are:

  • Bob Burns (Teaching Elder, Southwest Neighborhood)
  • Steve Jones (Ruling Elder, Northeast Neighborhood)
  • Jeff Lloyd (Ruling Elder, Southwest Neighborhood)
  • Kyle Osborne (Ruling Elder, Southeast Neighborhood)
  • Andrew Parrish (Ruling Elder, Southeast Neighborhood)
  • Todd Rust (Ruling Elder, Central Neighborhood)
  • Others from the congregation often attend to update us on their ministries

Please continue in prayer for us.

CGS Elders

The Session is the group of elders called to care for, serve, equip, and oversee a local Presbyterian congregation. We meet on the first Monday of each month to pray, discuss the ministries of the church, and encourage and sharpen one another.