Serving Globally

Serving Globally

Global missions at CGS are about reaching beyond the cultural, linguistic, and/or geographical boundaries of our area to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20). Our goal is to produce true and maturing followers of the Real Jesus not only in our own area, but also around the globe.

This work at CGS is carried out by the Global Outreach (GO) Team: a group of passionate volunteers from our congregation whose work includes regular prayer for our overseas workers and partnership organizations; ongoing administration, engagement, and evaluation of our partners and programs; and missions education within the church. For more information about the GO Team, or if you are interested in joining, contact Chris G.

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Pray: Overseas Partners

We have over 20 partners working globally to produce mature followers of the Real Jesus throughout the Real World! … (See More)

Go: Short Term Missions

As an extension of our global mission efforts, CGS annually sends out “Short Term Missions” teams (STM teams) – groups of people from our congregation – to partner with our long-term missionaries. … (See More)

Give: Donate

As a major ongoing expression of faithfulness, CGS provides direct support to many individual overseas workers and their families who are deployed beyond our national borders. … (See More)