Pray: Overseas Partners

Pray: Overseas Partners

We have over 20 partners working on producing true and maturing followers of the Real Jesus all over the world! These partners are both organizations and individuals. Some are right here in the Research Triangle and others are on the other side of the globe. It is our desire to encourage and support these global partners financially, by prayer, encouragement and other very tangible ways. Take time to review who our partners are, where they are and what they are doing to produce maturing followers of Jesus Christ.

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Currently Supported Overseas Workers + Ministries:

*denotes CGS members sent out from our church




  • Peter & Diane Bakelaar · Japan (MTW)
  • Steve & Jan Hobson · Philippines (Cru)
  • Corey & Jessica · SE Asia
  • Dan & Allison · Thailand (PIONEERS)
  • Frank & Cindy · (MTW)
  • Neal & Debbie · Central Asia
  • Alexander & Elena B. · Central Asia
  • P.R.
  • Virginia · SE Asia
  • Carter Spears* · SE Asia

Middle East

  • M & L

United States


Our online directory allows our members to connect directly with these global partners for the purposes of providing prayer support and faithful encouragement. Our Small Groups, as well as our CGS families individually, are also encouraged to become personally involved in supporting our missionaries in the field.