Life: 360 Conference

October 11, 2019:
“Life with Dignity, Hope, and Community” with Evan Marbury

October 12, 2019 Mini TED Talks:
Adam Clark – World Relief Durham
Elizabeth Brill – Samaritan Health Center
Evan Marbury – Pregnancy Support Services
Heidi White – Duke Center for Aging
Libby Coles – JusticeMatters
Sarah McKethan – Foster Parenting
Life: 360 Mini TED Talks PowerPoint Slides

October 13, 2019:
Joint Sunday Morning Class with Aaron McKethan

Women’s Fellowship Event

September 28, 2019:
Scars that Have Shaped Me with Vaneetha Rendall Risner

Care for the Aging: A Panel Discussion

July 28, 2019:
Panel Discussion with Dr. Heidi White, Dr. Josh Briscoe, Charles Irvin, & Kevin Huston

One New Humanity: A New Global Purpose with Richard Pratt

February 10, 2019:
Joint Sunday Morning Class with Richard Pratt
“Why Do We Exist?”- Sermon by Richard Pratt
Sunday Evening Discussion with Richard Pratt

One New Humanity: A New Community with Irwyn Ince & Sean Lucas

February 1, 2019:
Friday Night Seminar

February 3, 2019:
Joint SMC with Irwyn Ince & Sean Lucas (Audio)
Joint SMC PowerPoint “Lost Legacies” by Sean Lucas
“Live & Help Live”- Sermon by Irwyn Ince

Grace-Centered Civil Discourse
with Zack Eswine

October 19, 2018:
Friday Night Seminar

October 21, 2018:
Joint Sunday Morning Class with Zack Eswine
How People Who Aren’t Christians are Meant to Experience People Who Are

Community Groups Seminar with Brad House

November 9, 2018:
Friday Night Church-wide Seminar