First Steps

Our prayer at CGS is that people everywhere – from every nation, people group, and language – might become one family in Christ. We enthusiastically invite you to begin exploring our Family here at CGS regardless of your current posture: believer, uncertain, curious, or skeptic, Opportunities abound: attend our worship services, visit our Sunday Morning Classes, and/or connect with one of our Community Groups. We will embrace you warmly, and hopefully help create for you a growing sense of belonging!

Next Steps: Discover CGS

We offer a Discover CGS Class several times each year for those who wish to learn more about Church of the Good Shepherd. This class is short (one session only, occurring on specific Sundays after church services conclude), and it provides a great introduction to CGS’s vision, values, and aspirations. The content of the class is very basic, yet also foundational, and is presented in a friendly, unintimidating three-hour format – which includes lunch! Topics addressed during the class include four questions: What is a Christian? What is a Church? What is the PCA? What is The Church of the Good Shepherd? If you would like to attend an upcoming Discover CGS class, please email Abigail Grebe or fill out this form to get an invite to our next class.

Further Steps

For those who attend the Discover CGS Class and then wish to dive deeper into our membership process, we offer the opportunity to meet directly and personally in a relaxed setting with one of our elders. This affords a chance for a prospective member to establish a personal relationship with someone in a position of leadership at CGS, and to explore in greater depth what membership at CGS entails.


Abigail Grebe (Administrative Assistant)