Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

CGS is a deliberately thoughtful community of believers, endeavoring to bear witness to the Real Jesus. One of the ways we further this desire is by meeting together on Sunday mornings at 9:30 before our worship hour begins, to study God’s Truth together. During these gatherings, our goals are to understand Scripture more clearly, for the purpose of applying it to our own daily lives more faithfully.

We tackle Life in all of its manifestations in these gatherings, because we believe Scripture is intended to inform our approach to every aspect of the world’s brokenness: Family. Vocation. Marriage. Divorce. Singleness. Sexuality. Culture. Gender. Pain and Suffering. Justice. Despair. Joy.

Come join us for education, for friendship, for discussion, for encouragement, and for perspective on living in Christian relationship with each other in service of Christ’s purposes in our world. Come learn how to apply the teachings of the Real Jesus to the problems of Real People who are confronting the daily realities of the Real World!

Fall 2023 SMCs Session Two

The following SMCs will meet October 29 & November 12-19, 2023:


Theological Foundations for Leaders. Joe Scanlon, Todd Rust, & Chris Garrett. Room S203-204. This class is for anyone interested in exploring the CGS convictions of faith. We strongly encourage anyone involved in teaching and/or leadership roles at CGS to attend this class as a refresher in understanding the foundational truths we all need to remember. Recent surveys show that many who claim to follow Jesus have very little idea of what that means. In Theological Foundations for Leaders, we identify the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith and how they apply to our lives. 

Scripture That Has Shaped Our Lives. Ray & Tricia Toher; Michael & Colleen Hieronymus. Room S212. While all Scripture is inspired by God, some passages of the Bible stand out for their profound insight or personal impact. Over this next year we are asking a number of elders and their spouses to lead a study/discussion on significant chapters that have shaped their lives. During this session we will hear from two couples- Ray & Tricia Toher and Michael & Colleen Hierornymus- who will be sharing passages that have deeply influenced their walk with Jesus.

The Caregiver’s Sabbath. Josh & Amanda Briscoe. Room S202. Being the primary caretaker for others (babies, young children, aging parents, or other loved ones) provides unique challenges to receiving the renewal and refreshment of the Sabbath. Join Josh & Amanda Briscoe as we explore the purpose of the Sabbath and seek to understand how to enjoy Sabbath rest during a season of life that seems counter to resting.

Coffee available in the Concourse beginning at 9:15am. All classes begin at 9:30am.