Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

CGS is a deliberately thoughtful community of believers, endeavoring to bear witness to the Real Jesus. One of the ways we further this desire is by meeting together on Sunday mornings at 9:30 before our worship hour begins, to study God’s Truth together. During these gatherings, our goals are to understand Scripture more clearly, for the purpose of applying it to our own daily lives more faithfully.

We tackle Life in all of its manifestations in these gatherings, because we believe Scripture is intended to inform our approach to every aspect of the world’s brokenness: Family. Vocation. Marriage. Divorce. Singleness. Sexuality. Culture. Gender. Pain and Suffering. Justice. Despair. Joy.

Come join us for education, for friendship, for discussion, for encouragement, and for perspective on living in Christian relationship with each other in service of Christ’s purposes in our world. Come learn how to apply the teachings of the Real Jesus to the problems of Real People who are confronting the daily realities of the Real World!

Current Offerings

The following classes will run from June 2-June 23, 2019.*

Amazing Grace: Insights on the Christian Life from John Newton.  Matt McClure.  Room S202. Though John Newton is famous for his hymn “Amazing Grace,” he served over forty years as a pastor ministering to folk unsettled by the trials, doubts, and fears of life. Matt will help us reflect on some of Newton’s profound insights.

Getting Things Done Together.  Bob Burns.  Room S212.  Using case studies from Scripture and contemporary experiences, Bob will present core insights from his new book (The Politics of Ministry) and relate them to personal, family, and business life.

Selected Psalms.  Justin Carlson.  Room S203-204.  The Psalms invoke a breathtaking range of emotion, from the soaring heights to the darkest depths of our existence. We will study key Psalms and discover their power to transform our lives.

All classes meet starting at 9:30am. Come grab a cup of coffee from the Concourse beforehand.