Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

CGS is a deliberately thoughtful community of believers, endeavoring to bear witness to the Real Jesus. One of the ways we further this desire is by meeting together on Sunday mornings at 9:30 before our worship hour begins, to study God’s Truth together. During these gatherings, our goals are to understand Scripture more clearly, for the purpose of applying it to our own daily lives more faithfully.

We tackle Life in all of its manifestations in these gatherings, because we believe Scripture is intended to inform our approach to every aspect of the world’s brokenness: Family. Vocation. Marriage. Divorce. Singleness. Sexuality. Culture. Gender. Pain and Suffering. Justice. Despair. Joy.

Come join us for education, for friendship, for discussion, for encouragement, and for perspective on living in Christian relationship with each other in service of Christ’s purposes in our world. Come learn how to apply the teachings of the Real Jesus to the problems of Real People who are confronting the daily realities of the Real World!

Spring 2023 SMCs Session Two

The following SMCs will meet March 5-April 2, 2023:


Know What You Believe: Part 2. Bob Burns & Elder Team. Room S203-204. Did you know a recent survey shows that almost half of “evangelicals” say that Jesus was a great teacher, but that He was not God? This class continues to explore the foundational truths of the Christian faith we all need to understand. If you didn’t come to Part 1 it will be easy to join in and be part of the discussion.

Daniel-Faith in a Foreign Land. Matt Mahla. Room S202. An exile is someone who was forced out of their home country and is now living someplace else. The Bible refers to Christians as exiles in the world. Matt Mahla, RUF pastor at Duke University, will share how the life of Daniel provides critical insights into how we are called to live as redemptive agents in our world.


Christian Discernment Book Study: Being Mortal. Norman & Yvonne Acker. Room S205. Being Mortal by Atul Gawande is a best-selling book addressing the meaning of life in the face of mortality. Norman & Yvonne lead a discernment study of Gawande’s themes from a Biblical perspective rooted in the conviction that Christ has conquered death. (Limited to 15 people-to sign up , please contact Liz Stoioff.)

Pause-A Weekly Moment of Structured Reflection. Janet Burns & Friends. Room L104.  Your life is full of activity with few opportunities to stop, rest, and consider life in the light of God’s Word. For these five weeks, Janet offers the opportunity to take a mini-retreat for renewal, Scriptural reflection, and prayer. (Limited to 8 women-to sign up , please contact Liz Stoioff.)

Coffee available in the Concourse beginning at 9:15am. All classes begin at 9:30am.