Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

CGS is a deliberately thoughtful community of believers, endeavoring to bear witness to the Real Jesus. One of the ways we further this desire is by meeting together on Sunday mornings at 9:30 before our worship hour begins, to study God’s Truth together. During these gatherings, our goals are to understand Scripture more clearly, for the purpose of applying it to our own daily lives more faithfully.

We tackle Life in all of its manifestations in these gatherings, because we believe Scripture is intended to inform our approach to every aspect of the world’s brokenness: Family. Vocation. Marriage. Divorce. Singleness. Sexuality. Culture. Gender. Pain and Suffering. Justice. Despair. Joy.

Come join us for education, for friendship, for discussion, for encouragement, and for perspective on living in Christian relationship with each other in service of Christ’s purposes in our world. Come learn how to apply the teachings of the Real Jesus to the problems of Real People who are confronting the daily realities of the Real World!

Current Offerings

The following classes will run from August 4-August 25, 2019.

Habits of Grace.  Bob Burns, Micheal Ervin, Tricia Toher, Scott Kelly.  Room S212. This is the first of a regular summer series on spiritual disciplines. Bob Burns will introduce us to the idea and themes of the Habits of Grace. Then Michael Ervin, Tricia Toher, and Scott Kelly will share about habits that have impacted their walk with Christ.

1 Thessalonians.  John Hawkins.  Room S203-204.  1 Thessalonians was one of Paul’s earliest letters, written to the church in the capital city of Macedonia. It is full of wisdom and insights on leadership and discipleship. John will lead us in this study, drawing from his years of walking with Jesus and his experience as President of Leadership Edge.

Exodus.  Matt Mahla.  Room S202.  Matt Mahla, the RUF campus minister at Duke University, will lead us in this study of Exodus. We will explore key themes of the book and how they carry throughout the Bible, culminating in the ministry of Jesus. We will also discover how Exodus relates to issues we face today in the church and in society.

Community Group Training.  Mark Whipple.  Room N310 (Conference Room).  Healthy relationships are rare in our culture-even in the church. Our vision at CGS is to see webs of relationships develop throughout the Durham/Chapel Hill area that will sustain us in our walk with Christ and help us effectively care for others in our area. Join us as we talk about how to do this together.

All classes meet starting at 9:30am. Come grab a cup of coffee from the Concourse beforehand.