Posts from April 2020

Posts from April 2020

Feasting in the House of Mourning ?

Under the sun no good gift is ours to keep. That’s what we learn in the house of mourning, and it’s a hard lesson.

Trusting God for Every Tomorrow

The Bible speaks some brutally honest words for the surety of our uncertainty.   Uncertainty is certain. Or at least, so it seems to creatures like us.

What Mercy Says in Calamity

The people listening to Jesus that day were looking for an answer that all people of all eras look for: Why this suffering? Why this evil, and why did it befall these victims? What can I do to escape from it befalling me? The answer Jesus gave accomplished, in one stroke, a number of crucial theological corrections.

Marriage amidst Quarantine

In times of trial, and because each spouse processes situations differently, it’s all too easy to take out our frustrations and anxieties on one another.