Updates from the Mission Formation Team

Updates from the Mission Formation Team

The Mission Formation Team (MFT) exists to guide the congregation in our missions involvement, both domestically and overseas. We desire to connect our members with opportunities for outreach in many places outside of our church campus, including Durham, Chapel Hill, and overseas.

On June 3, we met to frame a new missions policy that combines the existing global and local policies into one single unit. We spent most of our meeting time dreaming about vision points that can grow out of the single policy, mostly focusing on local outreach opportunities not just for funding but also for engagement. The team was reminded that combining CGS global and local outreach ministries is not a new idea but maybe a new season for an idea whose time has come. We also considered reacquainting ourselves with a former CGS local ministry partner called DurhamCares by joining one of its vision trips for groups that want to learn the Real World needs of inner city Durham that may not be well known.

We also want to find ways to engage Community Groups in these opportunities, partner with other local churches, and include big ideas with big implications for our city like foster care. Enlarging our CGS prayer list with an expanded vision for local ministry outreach is a goal we are reaching for, a prayer vision that can engage all of us within this local body of believers to connect Real People with the Real Jesus.

The current members of the MFT are:

  • Norman Acker (Ruling Elder, Southwest Neighborhood)
  • Richard Alford (Deacon, Northeast Neighborhood)
  • Oscar Aylor (Ruling Elder, Southeast Neighborhood)
  • Mandy Balevic (Northwest Neighborhood)
  • Debbi Busbee (Northeast Neighborhood)
  • Chris Garrett (Teaching Elder, Northwest Neighborhood)
  • Colleen Hieronymus (Southeast Neighborhood)
  • Aaron McKethan (Ruling Elder, Southeast Neighborhood)
  • Brenda Pun (Downtown Neighborhood)

Please continue in prayer for us.

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