Updates from the Community Formation Team

Updates from the Community Formation Team

The Community Formation Team (CFT) exists to equip CGS to form healthy, gospel-rooted, redemptive relationships that flow into a beautiful, loving culture where we invite our friends and neighbors into our family.

The CFT meets about once a month and oversees the Community Group ministry, the Party Planning Committee, the Young Adult Community, the College ministry, the Welcome Team, and the newly-implemented Neighborhood model for pastoral care.

We spent this month focused on the Community Group ministry. By adopting us into his family, Jesus calls us into a deep fellowship with God and also with one another. This ministry is an instrument to help us pursue that calling together. We reviewed some general observations about the status of the ministry and then discussed how best to identify, equip, and encourage current and up-and-coming Community Group leaders. If you’re interested in exploring what that looks like, shoot an email to Mark Whipple.

The current members of the Community Formation Team are:

  • Josh Briscoe (Ruling Elder, Northeast Neighborhood)
  • Mike Shipley (Ruling Elder, Central Neighborhood)
  • Ray Toher (Ruling Elder, Northeast Neighborhood)
  • Mark Whipple (Teaching Elder, Central Neighborhood)

Please continue in prayer for us.

CGS Elders

The Session is the group of elders called to care for, serve, equip, and oversee a local Presbyterian congregation. We meet on the first Monday of each month to pray, discuss the ministries of the church, and encourage and sharpen one another.