Volunteer At “Doorstep Level”

Volunteer At “Doorstep Level”

Thank you for your courage in volunteering…  This is a deeply Christ-like, deeply compassionate, deeply humble service to those in need amongst us.

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’” (Matthew 25:40).   

We have tried to prepare a path to assist you as you endeavor to assist your brothers and sisters:

1)   Click here to view the volunteer enrollment form:  it requires less than 2 minutes to complete.

2)   To remind you of the “terrain” in which you may have an opportunity to serve, view Map 1 and Map 2, which display our CGS Neighborhoods.  These maps will help you visualize the geographical distribution of our church family:

  • Map 1 provides a macro overview of our six CGS Neighborhoods, differentiated by color shading. The map allows you to enhance detail by zooming in/out, but is not interactive (e.g. you cannot plot addresses on it). There is a key in the lower left corner of the map to help orient you.  If you are accessing from an iPhone, iPad, or similar device (as opposed to your desktop), be patient:  it will take a little time to load the map, and the zooming function will not necessarily have a brisk response time.
  • Map 2 is an interactive Google Map.  The “neighborhood” boundaries are outlined (not shaded), so they are a bit more difficult to identify.  However, this map is interactive and offers the ability to plot addresses.

3)   Access your Neighborhood’s membership roster, by using the link that was provided to you in a “members-only” email sent to you on April 3.  If you have mislaid the link, contact the church office.  That link provides an immediate answer to the question Who from within CGS lives in my Neighborhood ?”

4)   We will try and pair you within your own CGS Neighborhood when responding to requests for assistance, so that   i) your travel distances are modest,   and    ii) you are able to interact with your “neighbors” as you serve them.  However, we recognize that this “pairing” attempt may be imperfect… in which case you simply get to become acquainted with more “distant” members of your CGS family!

By using these simple tools, you can equip yourselves to be a better brother/sister in Christ to those who may need you in the days ahead