A Special Invitation for Guests and Regular Attenders !

A Special Invitation for Guests and Regular Attenders !

A Special Invitation for Guests and Regular Attenders!

The members of Church of the Good Shepherd are so grateful that you chose to share life with us in 2018 !  You graced our gatherings, participated in service activities, and – we trust – learned a bit about our CGS “family”. Your presence has been a source of joy and encouragement to our church !

Remaining connected with you is important to us, and we are striving to improve our methods of communication.  Our new website provides one important “touch point” for general information.  But we are also faithfully sending weekly newsletters (email format) – as well as other periodic announcements – to all those who express a desire to receive them. These updates provide rich sources of “conversation” around our CGS “family table”,  and allow us to remain connected and close with one another.

We would like to ensure that you continue to have access to all of our family “conversations” in the coming year.  Please take a moment to provide us your preferred contact information here.

We care deeply about helping you remain connected with us.  But we are undergoing a much-needed process of renovation of our communications tools here at CGS.  We are creating new, more relevant ways to connect with our guests, and will be retiring some of our past methods.   Soon, our ability to communicate personally with you will depend heavily upon your having taken the initiative to invite us in.  Please take a moment to provide this data, even if you are certain that CGS has had correct contact information for you in the past.

We honor the privacy of all of our guests, which is why we are requesting your personal participation and initiative.   Please indicate now if you wish to be included in our CGS family “conversations” in 2019.   We do not want to lose touch with any one of you !