Care Ministry

Care Ministry


Life is full of transitions, isn’t it? Are you in the midst of one? Would you like a trustworthy, godly woman to walk with you as you navigate this phase of your journey? If you are interested in ways to connect in relationship with other women, such as through one-on-one mentoring, or through a small group that gathers around a common interest, please contact Diane Jacob.

Professional Counseling

If you find you are in a place where something a little more is needed, someone who is trained professionally to help you navigate through difficulties and hardship, please connect with one of our pastors for a professional counselor referral.

Abundant Joy

Abundant Joy offers one-on-one peer counseling, support groups, study groups, and prayer support for women dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loneliness, abuse, addiction, and other sensitive issues. For more information, visit the Abundant Joy website.