Compassion, Mercy, & Justice

Compassion, Mercy, & Justice

CGS is committed to being involved in the needs of our community. Our Deacons, Elders, and Ministry teams have identified three focus areas that we would like our church to address. We are calling these focus areas the “Three F’s” and they are as follows:

  • Family Advocacy: For families in our church (single-parent, fostering and adopting, crisis & trauma related) and for the broader Body of Christ and perhaps others in our area (particularly foster/adoption families).
  • Food Vulnerability: Assisting through local schools that we have contacts with, through PORCH, World Relief Durham, Durham Rescue Mission, and others.
  • Familiar Relationships: Potential collaboration with agencies whom CGS already has a relationship, ie JusticeMatters, Pregnancy Support Services, World Relief Durham, Durham Rescue Mission.

Click on the links below for additional details about some specific initiatives that CGS is involved in with respect to the aforementioned areas:

Racial Truth & Reconciliation

Serve Locally

Bull City Farm to Table

DPS Grocery Initiative