Children’s Ministry Quarantine Plan

Children’s Ministry Quarantine Plan

Our Quarantine Mission Statement

We, as a Children’s Ministry, intend for you to utilize this extra time at home with family for His name and glory. How does this look? Perhaps it looks like memorizing scripture together. Perhaps it means creating doable liturgies for home-church that involve your kids. Perhaps it means acting out Bible stories as a means of family devotional. Whatever it looks like, our discernment of God’s will during this tumultuous time points us right in the direction of family discipleship. One of the things that typically stands in the way of regular family worship is the hustle and bustle of daily lifeschool, sports, music lessons, homeworkall things minimized or eliminated by the quarantine, creating extra space in your time. 

We in the CGS Children’s Ministry are here to equip you. Typically, our first priority in serving and equipping you is everything surrounding Sunday morning, and our second priority is your home devotionals and worship. Now, we are all about the latter. We are prioritizing providing materials, tools, and guidance for you and your little worshippers. 

The family has always been a child’s first place of worship. For now, it is the only place. And we will strive to make it a beautiful one.

Here is what the next few weeks/months will look like for Children’s Ministry:

  • Each week, we will email out family teaching materials. These will not be what we’re currently studying in Sunday School, Children’s Worship, or Kid’s Club. We will pick up where we left off with those lessons once we begin gathering again. These special quarantine materials will be sent out in PDF form, and printed copies will be available for you in the office to pick up by each Tuesday afternoon (although they are already out for this week) for the next 8 weeks, after which we will select new materials if necessary. They will be on a cart in the foyer outside the office (with hand sanitizer!), so you only have to pop in quickly to grab them. We will have two different sets of curriculum, one for preschool/lower elementary, and one for upper elementary/middle school. Our younger kids will be going through Bible stories chronologically, and our older kids will be doing a Bible study series called “Grace Changes Everything.” These lessons are created to be done independently. Ideally, your kids can do them while the adults in the household enjoy a sermon and home worship (just like regular Children’s Ministry). For our little ones, you’ll need to read them a story for the Bible first, then hand them their packet to work on, but our older kids materials are completely autonomous.
  • If you’d like to be added to our parent email list, let us know at
  • Along with weekly materials, we have a backlog of grab-and-go crafts that will be set out for you. You are welcome to take as many as you want.
  • Here is a list of Online Family Worship Materials with lots of clickable resources for your family. If you have any recommendations to add, please send them our way.
  • For nursery-aged kids, you may view weekly curriculum lessons here.

Please email our Director of Children’s Ministry, Amelia Cassar, at if you have any questions.

Parents of nursery aged children may email our Nursery Director, RiLee Robeson, at with questions as well.