Young Adults

Who We Are

The Young Adults Community at CGS includes working professionals, graduate students, and those completing professional training. It is comprised of both singles and married couples, and ages range from early 20's to mid 30's. Our focus is on building a community that seeks to encourage and serve others as we apply the rich truths of God’s Word and the promises of the gospel to the specific needs and life situations of young adults. Friends, coworkers, classmates from all backgrounds and perspectives, religious or otherwise, are most welcome and valued to join us. Without them our fellowship and discussion would not be as rich!!

Shepherding Groups

Throughout the week during the academic year we offer a variety of Shepherding Groups in peoples' homes which are small group gatherings of 8-15 people that provide a context for reflecting on Scriptures and experiencing deeper Christian community. Our shepherding groups are in full swing, so email to find a group!

Sunday Morning Community Discussions 

Each Sunday from 9:30-10:30am, the Young Adults Community meets downstairs in the Auditorium (lower level, below the Sanctuary). This winter/spring, we will be gathering to deepen our relationships with one another and welcome others into community as we sit in God’s word together. We will explore our longing for true community and God’s work of forming a renewed, life-giving community (in other words, we’ll be talking about The Church). 


The Young Adults Community at CGS has tons of fun fellowship events planned. You can view the Google Calendar here, which includes locations for Sunday lunches as well as updated info about various social events.  Visit the YAC Events page for detailed instructions on how to subscribe!