Sunday Morning Communities

 Sunday Morning Community Offerings Fall 2017

  • The Beatitudes
    September 10-September 24
    James Heinrich
    Location: S203-204
    Description: Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount by defining the transformed life. The Beatitudes are telling us what we are. Jesus is not saying you need to be all these things. Jesus is saying if you are in my Kingdom this is what you are. The gospel does not add to what you already have. What the gospel does is empty you of all that you are and then fill you with all that King Jesus is. Come for a discussion of this good news of the blessed life that is in Jesus. 

  • Book of Mark  
    September 3-January 14
    Teacher: South Community Elders
    Location: S212
    Description: Join the South Community for a 17-week study on the Book of Mark!

Coffee Cafe will be open in the Concourse each Sunday from 9:00-9:30am, for your enjoyment.

Please remember all SMC classes start promptly at 9:30.