Sunday Morning Communities

Summer 2017 Sunday Morning Community Offerings

  • The Book of Esther
    June 4-July 23
    Teacher: Ruling Elder Justin Carlson
    Location: S203-204
    Description: More than a century after Jerusalem fell to Babylon, Yahweh’s people remain fractured and unmoored. Some exiles had returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the tattered city, but others had stayed behind, now part of the mighty Medo-Persian empire that had crushed the Babylonians. Despite their divergence, Jews everywhere agonized over one supreme question – had they shattered their covenant with Yahweh beyond repair? Yahweh’s resounding reply came in a strange and unexpected package: an orphan, her cousin, and an implausible sequence of events that could only be divine in origin. Why did God call Esther and Mordecai “for such a time as this,” and what does their story communicate about God’s ongoing love and provision for us? Join us in examining this astonishing story about God’s call to His people, and the faithful response of a woman and a man whose hope rested in a “better country,” established by God Himself.

  • The Five Solas
    Dates: July 16-30
    Teacher: Ruling Elder Todd Rust
  • Social Media & Faith
    July 9-August 6
    Aaron & Laura Trimble
    Location: S202
    Description: Social media, and the Internet in general, has ushered us into the uncharted territory of virtual community. What does it look like to love our neighbor online? Is "virtual community" necessarily at odds with the real thing or can it actually strengthen it? Join us for a five-week discussion of the particular dangers and unique opportunities afforded by these new tools.

  • The Beatitudes
    July 30-September 3
    James Heinrich
    Location: S203-204
    Description: Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount by defining the transformed life. The Beatitudes are telling us what we are. Jesus is not saying you need to be all these things. Jesus is saying if you are in my Kingdom this is what you are. The gospel does not add to what you already have. What the gospel does is empty you of all that you are and then fill you with all that King Jesus is. Come for a discussion of this good news of the blessed life that is in Jesus. 

  • The Authority of Scripture
    Date: August 6
    Teacher: Simon Stokes
    Location: S212
    Description: We live in a time and place where the issue of authority is completely up in the air. Will I be the authority in my life? If not, then who? In this one-off class we will do a quick study on what it means when we say that the bible is our authority.
  • Grace Parenting
    August 13-September 3
    Teacher: Diane Jacob
    Location: S202
    Description: It's a glorious day when our babies are born and we celebrate the new life that God has brought into our lives. But if we're honest with ourselves, at some point, so many of us begin to wonder about this whole "parenting thing." Our deeper fears and insecurities quickly rise to the surface as we question if we even have what it takes to raise these kids. The responsibility and calling to be parents is high, and we feel like we come up way short. But God isn't surprised by any of it—the gift of a child, the huge role He's called us to, and the limited-ness we bring to the table. He longs for something much deeper and life-giving for us, and our children, than just “figuring this parenting thing out.” He longs for us to know Him in the journey, to lean into him for the long haul, and to need Him when we're at our wits’ end. At the heart of it, this class will ask questions about who is Jesus when my kids are screaming, I can't seem to gain control, and I long for a break. We’ll spend time talking about how the Gospel does engage these very moments, and invites us to lean into them, and even more so, to lean into Jesus.

Coffee Cafe will be open in the Concourse each Sunday from 9:00-9:30am, for your enjoyment.

Please remember all SMC classes start promptly at 9:30.