Sunday Morning Communities

 Sunday Morning Community Elective Series
June 2018

  • The Gospel Story & Our Stories
    Chuck Jacob & Friends
    Location: S212
    Description: We make sense of life generally, and our own lives, by a sense of story. Come explore how we, consciously and unconciously, live by stories and are wonderfully re-storied by the Gospel of Jesus.
  • Necessary Losses
    Teacher: Bob Burns & Friends
    Location: Conference Room (N310)
    Description: Whether it is as simple as losing our keys, or as complex as losing a job, friend, or loved one, we all face necessary losses. Discover how God has created us to process these challenges and grow through them.
  • He Said / She Said: Improving Our Couple Communication
    Chris & Jenny Garrett
    Location: S202
    Description: Have you ever felt like you are on a "crazy cycle" of communication where one partner pursues and one withdraws? Find out how to meet your partner's God-given communication needs.
  • The New Normal: Living with (Messianic) Letdown-Part 1
     Justin Carlson
    Location: S203-204
    Description: The book of Acts shows us how Jesus' confused followers gradually grasped God's incredible vision for His Church.

Coffee Cafe will be open in the Concourse each Sunday from 9:00-9:30am, for your enjoyment.

Please remember all SMC classes start promptly at 9:30.