DISCOVER CGS CLASS: New and repeat visitors who wish to learn more about The Church of the Good Shepherd are invited to attend this class. While attendance does not imply commitment to membership, it does provide a great way to learn more about CGS's vision, values, style, strategy, and more. Please call (490-1634) or email Liz Stoioff in the church office so that we can arrange for sufficient materials. 

The next Discover CGS class will be in Fall 2017. Stay tuned for date and time!


1) Attend a Discover CGS Class. These will be held several times each year and will cover four questions: What is a Christian? What is a Church? What is the PCA? What is The Church of the Good Shepherd? (When the need arises, the substance of these classes may be communicated in less formal contexts by one of the ministerial staff.)

2) Have a personal interview with an elder or ministerial staff.
The purpose of this interview is to let the prospective member get to know someone in the church leadership personally and to let someone in the church leadership get to know the new member. The elder responsible for the interview should inform the church office when the interview has been completed. The following questions should be discussed at the interview: Does this person understand the content of the Gospel? Has this person responded positively to the Gospel by trusting Christ personally? (i.e. Is there a credible profession of faith?) Does this person have any questions about the church which you can answer? Does this person know where he or she can be involved intimately in the life and ministry of this local church (Sunday School class, Shepherding group, other ministries)?


3) Send Covenant of Membership and Testimony to the Session.
On the first Monday of each month the Session will receive into membership anyone who has gone through the first two steps and who has mailed or delivered a signed Covenant of Membership and Testimony to the church office. Those joining do not need to attend this meeting of the Session, but will be received in absentia and notified by phone and by mail of the Session's action.


4) Get involved in a Sunday Morning Community and a Shepherding group.
All new members will be assigned to a Ruling Elder, a Congregational Community and a Shepherding group and will be informed of this assignment by one of the ministers.

5) Be introduced to the Congregation.
All new members will be introduced to the congregation on the fourth Sunday of the month.