In-Person Worship

In-Person Worship

We have resumed in-person worship and don’t have a capacity limit. We are also no longer tracking RSVP’s in advance of the service, but it is still helpful to us if you text 919-907-1428 to sign in on Sunday mornings.

Seating Areas

At the current time, we strongly and humbly ask that everyone wear a mask for the duration of the worship service, regardless of where they are sitting. (For more details on our rationale behind this request, please review this note from Pastor Chuck.) We have seating in the sanctuary available for those who are comfortable with pre-COVID seating configurations, as well as those who prefer to sit in areas where distancing between households is still required. Here is the breakdown of current seating options:


The balcony is reserved for  i) families who have one or more children below the age of 12 years,  and/or  ii) those persons whose health profiles render them otherwise particularly vulnerable. (However, anyone who falls into these categories is still welcome to sit on the lower level if they prefer.) Alternating pews will remain unoccupied throughout the entire balcony, and six feet of distance will be preserved between differing groups of persons.

Underneath the Balcony

On the main sanctuary floor, all of the seats immediately underneath the balcony overhang – on both the right and the left of the center aisle – are available for persons comfortable sitting in conventional seating configurations (every pew utilized, no spatial distancing between households).

Remainder of Main Sanctuary Floor

  • On the left side of the center aisle (as you’re facing the pulpit), every pew is available for seating, and no mandatory spacing will be required between differing groups of persons on any given pew.
  • On the right side of the center aisle (as you’re facing the pulpit), alternating pews will remain unoccupied, and 6 feet of distance will be preserved between differing groups of persons.

Upon Arrival

  • If you are interested in being seated in areas where alternating pews are unoccupied, 6 feet of distance is preserved between differing groups of persons– please bear to your right as you enter the front sanctuary doors.
  • If you are comfortable being seated in areas where no mandatory spacing is required, please bear to your left as you enter the front sanctuary doors.

Ushers and signage will help guide you to your desired seating area. In addition, we have prepared diagrams that provide an overhead view of both the entry and exit foot traffic patterns for our sanctuary on Sundays:

For additional details about what to expect at our in-person worship service, click here.

For those who are unable to attend the in-person worship service, it will be live-streamed online at 10:45am each Sunday, with a video recording posted afterward. You may access both the livestream and recording here each week.