PCA General Assembly Updates

PCA General Assembly Updates

“The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly is the largest annual gathering of the denomination. Church leaders from across the country gather to discuss matters important to the life of the church, make decisions that affect the whole denomination and the progress of the gospel. This includes:

  • Transacting ecclesiastical (church) business
  • Deciding significant theological issues
  • Reviewing work of the denomination’s ministries
  • Receiving training through Seminars
  • Connecting with resources in the Exhibit Hall
  • Networking and fellowship during Food Functions
  • Preparing for the future”

This year, the General Assembly (GA) met in Dallas, TX on June 25-28. You can find a summary of the GA’s completed actions here, with the major topics addressed in the “Overtures” section.

Todd Rust, a ruling elder in the Central Neighborhood, attended GA for the first time this year. He observed that despite some controversial topics on the docket, “the meetings were polite and bathed in prayer.” Indeed, “the tone of ‘may not a word be uttered from my mouth that isn’t pleasing to him’ was pervasive throughout the GA.”

If you have questions about the GA, you can reach out to an elder. Next year’s GA will be June 16-19 in Birmingham, AL. Anyone can attend, and ruling or teaching elders serve as voting delegates.

CGS Elders

The Session is the group of elders called to care for, serve, equip, and oversee a local Presbyterian congregation. We meet on the first Monday of each month to pray, discuss the ministries of the church, and encourage and sharpen one another.