Posts from January 2019

Posts from January 2019

Book Recommendation: Dementia: Living in the Memories of God

Having spent years learning the neurobiological underpinnings of dementia, I found myself frustrated when all my knowledge of pathophysiology didn’t really help my patients live better lives (not really) nor their families care for them well. Something was lacking. Seeking to bring theology to bear on the crippling condition of dementia, John Swinton writes in Dementia: Living in the Memories of God, “Dementia is a communal and relational condition that involves but cannot be defined by neurological decline.” He doesn’t…

The American Gospel

A review from The Gospel Coalition: The haunting question left with me after watching this documentary was: why is it so easy for Christians to overlook Jesus? Drawing on pastors from every corner of the US, and telling the story of rank and file believers, “American Gospel” presents a series of reflections on the state of the church in contemporary America. Leaders and academics across various denominations and seminaries – male and female, black, white and Latino – give us…

Book Recommendation: The Imperfect Disciple

“My heart,” writes Jared Wilson in The Imperfect Disciple, “is a haunted house – broken, ramshackle, weathered and boarded-up and filled with the mournful sound of the Hound of Heaven howling through the slats” (p. 22). Wilson wanted to write a book on discipleship that didn’t cast its readers into a spiral of guilt and frustration, and so, along with stories of his own failures and struggles, he welcomes us to explore “grace for people who can’t get their act…

The Grandeur and Grief in Losing Tyler

In the span of a few short hours, I felt the tension of Christianity: God is good, but life is hard. I marveled at God’s grandeur and mourned the presence of grief. When my heart is overwhelmed with this uncomfortable paradox, I’m grateful the Bible has a language I can use: lament.

What Made “#TylerStrong” ?

“The gravitational pull of Tyler’s winsome spirit, his interest in others, and his unflappable courage attracted fans from all walks of life. …People marveled at his attitude and wondered, How is he so strong?  As Tyler’s pastor for 10 years, I can tell you. It’s simple but profound: Tyler loved Jesus. That’s it. And it made him #TylerStrong.”

Evangelism and Discipleship

“Can you believe what they’re doing?” “I’m glad we don’t do that.” Differentiating self from not-self is probably one of the earliest lessons we learn in life. There’s actually a point in an infant’s life when she can’t distinguish between herself and her mother. At some point along the way, she learns that she is “me, here, now,” growing in understanding of identity, space, and time. The other major frame of reference one learns in tandem is “you, there, then.”…