Vocation Groups

CGS has started to organize into vocation groups for connecting/collaborating, equipping, and mobilizing within specific professions and industries.

At CGS we believe that the Gospel shapes and speaks to all of life, including our work. Vocation Groups exist to connect, equip, and mobilize the professional communities represented at CGS to steward their unique skills and resources as God's gifts as well as to invest them for the good of our communities, our cities, and our world.

This group of medical, dental, and allied health professionals hopes to improve our communication about local and global opportunities in which to invest our medical talent as well as- hopefully in the future- collaborate through regular meals for equipping/encouraging toward better stewardship and Gospel transformation of our vocations. 

We're a group of local legal professionals and law students who meet to explore how the Gospel shapes our profession as well as what it means to be a Christ-follower in our spheres of influence. We volunteer together through JusticeMatters, Inc.- a Durham-based Christian organization that provides empowering legal services to our low-income neighbors, mobilizing legal professionals and law students to invest their resources in our community for the common good.