Student Ministry Summer Internship

Collge Students: Are you interested in an opportunity to learn about ministry? CGS offers paid summer internships in youth ministry for those looking to serve the church. Please click here to download the application if you are interested. Application deadline is March 31, 2017. Please feel free to email Bill Harritt with any questions.

Here are some testimonials from past CGS Student Ministry summer interns:

"Working at CGS was the best possible way I could’ve spent my summer. Experiencing a glimpse of what full time ministry is like was amazing. The staff, the church, the kids were all incredibly welcoming and loving and I immediately felt like a part of the community. I was able to grow immensely as a leader in my faith and had a blast doing it.” -Grace Marshall (2014)

"Rather than using my summer for simply an income, the CGS internship gave me the opportunity to be able to serve my brothers and sisters in Christ while also growing in my own faith as well. While I learned that ministry has much more behind the scenes work than I had ever imagined, I immediately became a part of the community and the work seemed more like a source of enjoyment than a means to an end. God used this internship to teach me numerous things about the way he intended His church to function, to reveal my idolatry of man's approval, and how to intentionally care for others. I am so grateful for this opportunity and would encourage any and all Christ followers to apply for this position- it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.” -Jaime Park (2014)

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