Short Term Overseas Outreach


Short Term Trips- 2017 Schedule



CGS sends out “Short TermTeams” — a group of people from our congregation–each year to come along side our partners and work directly with them right where they are. These teams are great ways for us to see and experience first-hand this very critical extension of our ministry. These teams consist of small groups of adults and youth (sometimes entire families) participating in relationship building, medical clinics, teaching, construction and repair projects, and other ministries. 


Trip Descriptions:

Central Asia Vision Trip: October 20-27, 2017
GO to Central Asia to work with our global workers, Neal and Debbie in a MTW lead trip to where you’ll have a unique opportunity to get a firsthand look at life and ministry in limited-access countries. This is a key opportunity for our church to gain a better understanding of how we can better partner and support our workers in this area. This trip is open to youth traveling with parents.


Other Trips on the Radar:

Musik Bruken -
Save the date for summer 2018
Medical Missions –
We plan to host a MTW Medical Missions workshop this spring and in conjunction highlight the needs on existing MTW short term medical teams. Our hope is to plug CGS members into the opportunities that already exist as we wait for needs to arise among our own global partners for medical teams.


Recent Trips:

Odessa, Ukraine: June 3-12, 2017
GO to Ukraine with our new CGS global partner, Robin Price. Robin’s team hosts a summer ESL Camp. This June camp gives you a week of friendship ministry, living side-by-side with Ukrainians on the shore of the Black Sea. CGS is joining our sister church, Christ Community Church to be a part of this ESL camp.


Next Steps:

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