Community Groups Childcare

Currently, there is a service need for consistent, paid childcare workers for weekly CGS Community Group meetings. Childcare for Community Group leaders and members is essential for creating gospel communities of hope, welcome, wisdom, and service. Parents of little ones need this the most, and it is most challenging for them to get. Please contact Abby Grebe if you are able to help provide this resource. 

CGS has a new childcare voucher system so that childcare won't be a hindrance to getting involved in a shepherding group. Click here for full details.

*Please note that CGS will reimburse a maximum of up to $100 per month, per group.
For instance, if a group meets weekly, it would be $25 per meeting; if a group meets twice monthly, it would be $50 per meeting; etc. If a group chooses to pay the sitter(s) more than this allocated amount, reimbursement is stilled capped at $100 per month.