Shepherding Group Leaders

Part of CGS's mission statement is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by calling them in to a devoted community of worshiping and maturing brothers and sisters. In line with this mission statement and to allow access for the influx of people wishing to join a shepherding group, we are attempting to keep our Shepherding group data up to date for all small groups. Please take a brief moment to see if any of your group info has changed for the spring (including regular attendees, topics, and other pertinent details) and click here to update the data requested.

Here are sources we recommend for small group studies:
• New Growth Press  
Gospel in Life (Tim Keller & Redeemer NYC resources)  
Serge (Formerly World Harvest) 
The Good Book Company  
Christianity Explored Ministries  
Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation 

Here are 6 questions we recommend to help intentionally shape your regular prayer for each other in your groups. (These questions are taken from Dr. Gary Yagel’s book, Got Your Back)
• What encouragements or successes have you had this past week?
• What biblical insight or Bible verse(s) from your “quiet time” has stood out to you recently?
• What has been the most difficult part of being a spiritual leader at home lately?
• Personal Accountability: Choose something(s) you want your brothers or sisters to ask you about… and pray with you about.
• What are the names of not-yet-believers you building relationships with, and how can I pray for your strategies and efforts?
• What other spiritual battles can I help you fight through my prayers for you?