Discussion Questions

sermon text discussion questions for shepherding groups


  1. Was the sermon biblical? (remember the Bereans who studied Paul vis a vis the rest of Scripture [Acts 17])? But remember the criteria: it is NOT whether or not a person liked what they heard, but rather whether what was said was actually biblical or not.
  2. How does the sermon (and text) call me to think differently, feel differently, live differently, than I do today?
  3. How do these challenges apply not just to me individually but to our whole families and our church as a whole?
  4. Do some Gospel "daydreaming" together: how would I, my family, our small group, Knox Church be different if we were more shaped by the teaching of this text?
  5. what are the specific things about us (as individuals, as families, as a small group collectively, as a whole church) which get in the way of our heeding the given challenges and being more Christ-like, as revealed in the sermon and text?
  6. How does the Gospel of Jesus not only challenge us but actually empower and free us to think, feel and live more in alignment with the teaching of this sermon?
  7. What practical steps can we take, as individuals and as a group, in order to be not only a "hearer" of this sermon and text but also a  "doer"?
  8. What particular aspects of the sovereign grace of God's heart are revealed and communicated to us through this sermon and text? Be as specific as possible.  there is nothing more important than that, through Scripture, God's heart of hearts touches and transforms our heart of hearts.  All life change flows out of this encounter of heart-to-heart.  (And to the extent the small group members seem bored with the answers coming, to that same extent you are not getting either to the heart of God or to the hearts of one another.)