PCA Adopts New Logo

August 1, 2016 | by: Chris Garrett | 0 comments

In June the 44th General Assembly, which several CGS leaders attended, approved a new logo for the PCA. The logo was developed by Beaver Design Group, which initially developed nine options. According to Steve Beaver, the logos were evaluated using national surveys as well as four focus groups held around the country. The initial group of options, Beaver explained to the Assembly, was sifted to two finalists which were presented to the Assembly. Before you see how the focus groups reacted, how would you describe what you see when you absorb the imagery in the new logo?

PCA Logo Primary 

In focus groups, here is how the winning design was described by some members:

“Cross and the Word”
“Centrality and Authority of Scriptures”
“PCA Values”
“Christ, the Word, and the World”
“Memorable, appropriate, timeless – reflects history and values”
“Tells who we are and what we believe”
“Firm foundation”

Certainly there is much to embrace about the new logo. These values that the logo expresses are central to what we hold dear in our faith and doctrine at The Church of the Good Shepherd. Let’s give thanks to God for a design that represents who we are as a church and a denomination.

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